NoBorder 2016 disruptive film festival program

Disruptive Film Programs
(Sherry Millner/Ernie Larsen)

Note: Border Crossers will be repeated as the fourth program

Nearly Now/Almost Then: Collective films/Collective struggles
Saturday, July 16, 21:00

La Commune, Armand Guerra, Cinema of the People, 1914, excerpt.

Prayer of Fire, Mosireen Collective, 2010

Nouvelle Societe No. 6, Medvedkine Group, 1969

Abounaddara films, selection of short videos (2010-2015) including:

My School, After the Image, The Intellectual and His Militia, National Dialogue,

Solitary Cell

The Land Belongs to Those Who Work It, Chiapas Media Group, 2005

Year Zero Iranian Women’s Liberation Movement, Year Zero, Iranian Women &

Women of the Political & Psychoanalytical Group, Iran/France, 1979

Return to Work at the Wonder Factory, Jacques Willement, 1968

Xochimilco in 1914, Los Viumasters, 2010

Monday, July 18 and Saturday, July 23

Unforgetttable Memory, Lin Wei 2010

Suprematist Kapital, James T. Howe & Yin-Ju Chen, 2006

41 Shots, Millner & Larsen, 2000

N’Entre Pas Sans Violence Dans La Nuit

(Don’t Go Gentle Into the Night), Sylvain George, 2005

J’ai Huit Ans (I Am Eight Years Old), Paul Masson & Olga Poliakoff, 1961

Inventory, Zelimir Zilnik, 1975

Barbs and Razors, Millner & Larsen, 2016

A Plate of Sardines, Omer Amiralay, 1997

Tuesday, July 19

Predators in the Aviary, Millner & Larsen, 2011

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? , Rene Vienet, 1973

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