A collection of texts presented at the Thessaloniki NO BORDER Camp (July 15-24, 2016)

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1. The initial call for the Thessaloniki No Border Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
2. Presentation of the pamphlet
“Vogelfrei. Migration, deportations, capital and its state” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
3. The role of the university in the management of migration flows . . . . . . . . . 18
4. “Leaving in shadow”: The gender dimensions of migration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
5. Voices from the Moroccan border:
testimonies of the externalised EU border system in North Africa . . . . . . . . . 30
6. The Self Organized Solidarity Initiative to Refugees and Immigrants
and the squat at Dervenion 56, Athens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
7. Transnational Social Strike . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
8. Adverse Humanitarianisms:
institutional Necropolitics and the urge to tame grass-roots solidarity
in transnational migration governance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
9. WatchTheMed Alarm Phone / Intervention, Documentation, Networking /
Towards the Freedom of Movement! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
10. The Thessaloniki No Border Camp in retrospect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83


No border, no nation, stop separation ?

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Caravans coming to noborder camp @ Thessaloniki

Leila against borders – verso il No Border Camp di Salonicco[Italy]

Il viaggio dei Centri Sociali dell’Emilia-Romagna ad Atene e Salonicco in preparazione del No Border Camp, Thessaloniki 2016.


CARAVANA A GRECIA (SPOT) – Iruña Ciudad de Acogida[Spain]

Apúntate ya a la Caravana a Grecia de Iruña Ciudad de Acogida. Correo electrónico: / Web:
Twitter: @KarabanaGrezia



Call for actions: AntiFrontex Days 21-23 May

This year more than ever, we need your support to say NO to the European Union’s migration policies and criminal activities of its border control agency, the Frontex.
Closing borders and cutting the wealthy Europe off from the countries of South and East – plundered and kept in poverty – aims at preserving inequalities on both sides. Borders do not only work outwards. Their tightening causes increasing limitation of people’s rights and freedom also here, in Europe. Shifting the “problem” of migration onto countries such as Turkey, ignoring the death of thousands in the Mediterranean, imprisonment of those seeking help and better life in Europe, are directly linked to preserving capitalism as a system, in its most bloodthirsty variant.
Work conditions for those who are illegally employed in Europe on a mass scale are often not unlike slavery. Only a tiny percent of those appealing for asylum get the papers which enable them to escape the lot of illegal worker. Keeping migrants in a precarious position serves only economic exploitation, and makes it possible to quickly get rid of them whenever they claim any of their rights. It simultaneously allows for keeping wages low for local workers who can always be replaced by illegal underpaid workforce. The anti-migrant hysteria throughout Europe accounts for a cynical political game whose aim is to keep the power and privilege for a handful of the most well-off.
For a few years now in Warsaw, on the anniversary of the agency’s emergence which coincides with that of the racist murder on Max Itoya, AntiFrontex Days are organized by an alliance of groups and activists in solidarity with migrants. This year, we are not limiting actions to Poland’s capital where the Frontex headquarters are located. We want to invite various groups and people in different locations to express their solidarity with migrants and workers. Let us say this together: we do not consent to policies of exploitation and exclusion which those in power try to force upon us.

May 21th to 23th are to be days of objection towards Frontex and EU’s policies towards refugees. We encourage you to initiate actions of solidarity in your locations, so that we’re all able to broadcast our lack of consent to the power discourse that dominates. Let art activism, happenings, meetings, demonstrations and direct actions: all activities which you see as relevant in your local context, be a firm and bold outcry against EU’s policies. Choose for yourselves the form of action you find most suitable.
Please send us info documenting the events, your appeals, articles or other elements of what you do, so that we can all share them via our sister site and inspire one another to take action.
Write us: antyfrontex [at] riseup [dot] net

NO to Border Regime and Policies of Exploitation!

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Stop Deportation – Squatted Die Linke Party Office in Jena


We have just now occupied the headquarters of the left-wing Die Linke
party in order to protest against the ongoing mass deportations of
migrants from Thuringia!

Regularly, German police kidnap people from their homes or the detention
centers where they are held, put them into busses, and bring them to
Leipzig airport from where they are deported by plane. In every German
city, there are such detention centers, in Jena, too. These crimes are
committed in our close proximity, before our very eyes.

Today, we have occupied the headquarters of Die Linke party for two
reasons. Firstly, the lefties under Ramelow have been managing the
Thuringian state ever since 2014. Mass deportations of migrants,
repression in prisons, police violence against antifascist protests take
place under their government. Nazis demand that all migrants be expelled
and Die Linke enforce it. They are politically accountable for this.
Secondly, to this day, many Die Linke members claim that they’re part of
an antiracist party and that they ‘advocate the rights of refugees’.
They’ve got the nerve to take to the streets on April 20 with refugees
welcome posters and, literally the next day, let migrants be deported.
We have to take sides and that’s why we say: Only those who actively
oppose the deportation of all migrants can be part of an antiracist

In times when Germany constructs new camps in order to incarcerate there
Romanies and other migrants, in times when left-wing parties carry out
mass deportations, we declare our unreserved solidarity to all migrants!
We take their side, against this state and its left-wing government.

We demand nothing less than the closing down of all detention centers
and an immediate end to all deportations! Until that does not happen,
reckon with our resistance!

Come all at 4:30 p.m. to the occupied Die Linke headquarters and join
our talk!

We want to have a discussion and inform people about the deportation
machinery and migrant struggles against German deportation culture.

Stop Deportation Jena


Wir haben soeben das Parteibüro der Linkspartei besetzt, um gegen die
anhaltenden Massenabschiebungen von Migrant_innen aus Thüringen zu

In regelmäßigen Abständen verschleppen deutsche Polizisten Menschen
aus ihren Wohnungen oder aus den Lagern und Heimen, in denen sie
festgehalten werden, stecken sie in Busse und bringen sie zum Leipziger
Flughafen, von wo aus sie per Flugzeug deportiert werden. In jeder
deutschen Stadt gibt es diese Lager und Heime, auch in Jena. Diese
Verbrechen finden in unserer nächsten Nähe, unter unseren Augen statt!
Die letzte Abschiebung aus Thüringen wurde am 21. April 2016
durchgeführt. 35 Menschen wurden in den Kosovo abgeschoben.

Wir haben heute aus zwei Gründen das Büro der Linkspartei besetzt.
Erstens verwalten die Linken unter Ramelow seit 2014 den Thüringer
Staat. Die Massenabschiebungen von Migrant_innen, die Repression in den
Knästen, die Polizeigewalt gegen antifaschistische Proteste finden
unter ihrer Regierung statt. Die Nazis brüllen „Ausländer raus” und
die Linkspartei setzt das um. Dafür haben sie die politische
Verantwortung zu tragen. Zweitens behaupten viele Linkspartei-Mitglieder
immer noch, sie seien Teil einer antirassistischen Partei und „setzten
sich für die Flüchtlinge ein”. Sie haben die Dreistigkeit, am 20.
April mit Refugees-Welcome-Postern auf die Straße zu gehen und
wortwörtlich am nächsten Tag abschieben zu lassen. Hier müssen wir
einen klaren Trennstrich ziehen und sagen: Nur wer sich aktiv gegen die
Abschiebung aller Migrant_innen einsetzt, kann Teil einer
antirassistischen Bewegung sein.

In einer Zeit, in der Deutschland wieder Lager baut, um Roma, Romnja und
andere Migrant_innen dort einzusperren, in einer Zeit, in der linke
Parteien Massenabschiebungen durchführen lassen, erklären wir unsere
ungebrochene Solidarität mit allen Migrant_innen! Wir stellen uns auf
ihre Seite, gegen diesen Staat und gegen seine linke Regierung.

Und wir fordern nichts weniger als die Schließung aller Lager und ein
sofortiges Ende aller Abschiebungen! Bis das nicht passiert, rechnet mit
unserem Widerstand!

Kommt alle um 16:30 Uhr ins besetzte Linkspartei-Büro zu unserer
Infoveranstaltung! Wir wollen über die Abschiebemaschinerie und die
Kämpfe der Migrant_innen gegen die deutsche Deportationskultur
informieren und diskutieren.

Stop Deportation Jena


Aλληλεγγύη στους συλληφθέντες της 08/05/2016

Στις 8/5 ενόψει της ψήφισης του ασφαλιστικού κι ενώ χιλιάδες κόσμος κατέκλυσε τους δρόμους, στην Αθήνα όπως και σε άλλες πόλεις ξεσπούν συγκρούσεις ως μία ελάχιστη απάντηση στη λεηλασία των ζωών μας. Αργά το βράδυ, με τη λογική των συλλήψεων στο σωρό, στα Εξάρχεια και σε άλλες περιοχές του κέντρου και της Αθήνας συνελήφθησαν 14 άτομα τα οποία πέρασαν εισαγγελέα χθες Δευτέρα 9/5 και ενώ αρχικά αντιμετώπιζαν κατηγορίες πλημεληματικού χαρακτήρα, στη συνέχεια οι κατηγορίες «αναβαθμίστηκαν». Πλέον οι 7 αντιμετωπίζουν κακουργηματικού τύπου κατηγορίες ενώ οι 4 εξ’ αυτών είναι συμμετέχοντες στην Κατάληψη Στέγης Προσφύγων/Μεταναστών Νοταρά 26.

Αντιλαμβανόμαστε την εξέλιξη αυτή ως μια καθαρά πολιτική δίωξη γιατί για το κράτος η σύνδεση των μεταναστ(ρι)ών με τον κόσμο του ευρύτερου ριζοσπαστικού κινήματος αποτελεί εμπόδιο στην πραγματοποίηση του σχεδίου εκμετάλλευσής τους.




Κατάληψη Στέγης Μεταναστριών/τών Ορφανοτροφείο


Newsletter on Greece & Aegean – Collection on relevant news: */Week #20/2016

*Aegean Sea & Islands*:

* 28/4: Leros report:
* 2/5: EU concerns about security in the greek camps after riots in
* 4/5: Vial/Chios:
* 4/5: The aegean back on the spotlight after what Erdogan said:
* 5/5: Chios: ‘This is not a Refugee hotspot. It’s a prison.’
* 5/5: Detained minors in Chios hotspot:
* 5/5: Hungerstrike in Vial:
* 6/5: Statistics from Greek government of arrivals:
* 7/5: Protest in Moria:


* 2/5: (german) Turkey sets up self shooting guns at the border to
* x/5: Air strike hits syrian refugee camp Idlib and kills more than
30 people:
* 4/5: Visa free travel for Turkey:
* 6/5: Syrian children in Turkey: War or child labor:
* 6/5: EU-Turkey deal on the brick after Erdogan refuses to asimilate
to EU antiterror law:

*Mainland of Greece – legal & political information’s:*

* 1/5: Deportations in the dark: Report from deportation in Paranesti
* 4/5: ‘Trapped in new greek archipelago with no way out’:
* 5/5: Interview in Chalkero with residence of the camp:
* 6/5: ‘The Orbanisation of EU asylum law’ – analysis:
* 7/5: ‘New legal framework for financing actions related to refugee
crisis privides for in-transparency’
* 7/5: (german) Unaccompanied minors are detained for long term in
police custody. Conditions are very bad. UNHCR believes that about
2.000 UM’s are in Greece, Government has only 477 places for
* 7/5: ‘Syrian refugees abandon Greek camps in search of better
* 7/5: UNHCR transfers people to overcrowded camps despite they are
* 7/5: A demonstration took place at the detention center of Paranesti
of the global day against detention:
* 8/5: Protest in Chalkero camp, where the residents of the camp
kicked out the NGOs because situations is that bad:
* 8/5: Syrian Refugees feel betryed by the west:
* 8/5: Chalkero camp:


* 3/5: Update from the port:

*Idomeni – Check on Twitter #Idomeni:*

* 4/5: People from Idomeni camp react angry on idea of Visa free
schengen travel for turkish people:
* 5/5: clashes when Police tried to evict railroad: &
* 5/5: The coasts for the bloackade of the railroad are about 4 Mio.
* 6/5: Doctors without borders reports from Greece, particularly
* 6/5: In 24 hours about 800 people tried to cross into Macedonia:
* 6/5: Are you syrious about future of Idomeni: ”
/Various sources are confirming that relocation will begin soon,
possibly as of tomorrow. Not enough information is available about
the procedure, or the places to which refugees will be relocated.
Apparently, UNHCR is taking applications for voluntary transport.//
//Previously, in April and March, we reported about the four new
camps in Thessaloniki area to which people from Idomeni will be
relocated. According to the statement from April 27 by Giorgos
Kyritsis, a spokesman for refugee and migration affairs, new camps
are built inside of two former factories, a former logistics company
and a former warehouse. AYS learned that some other camps will also
be used. Some of the camps to which people will be relocated are
Nireas, Lagkadikia, Sindos, Oraiocastro, not all of them in
Thessaloniki. Over the last couple of weeks, groups of people have
already been taken to these camps. Over the next days we will try to
find out as much as it is possible about conditions in the new camps.//
//Alternate Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas told the news
<>// //that
the camp at Idomeni, “must and will be dismantled.” However, he did
not give details . He mentioned a meeting held in Thessaloniki on
May 4th with local governments, NGOs and organizations describing it
as a “working meeting that aims to end the horror of Idomeni.” If
refugees choose to remain in Idomeni when there are alternative
accommodations places available, he added, “then they must put up
with the consequences of this choice.”//
//The minister also promised that people whose papers have expired
(and around 70 percent of those staying at Idomeni are, he said)
will get new ones after relocation. “We say that if they come to the
camps, their papers will be automatically renewed. The difference is
that we are not threatening; we are offering a prospect of
legality,” he clarified. At the meeting, Mouzalas repeatedly
stressed his commitment to ensure that no force is used during the
//Currently, 10,124 refugees are living in Idomeni in desperate
conditions. There is no possibility that the border will be open any
time soon. Today, one group of the refugees held a protest again
trying to draw attention to the horrible situation in the camp./”
* 7/5: ‘Man tries to suffocate himself at refugee camp after finding
out sister was killed in Aleppo’:
* 8/5: The refugee children of Idomeni:
* 9/5: Big Greek wedding in Idomeni:

Background Informations:

*NEWS & Analysis*

* The website & facebook page ‘*Are you Syrious*’: & gathers many news on a daily
basis for most of Fortress Europe. Their sources are mainly ‘people
on the ground’ Migrant and European activists who they build up a
trusted relationship, for that also see the interview with one
activists of them in German:
* “How is Europe punishing the migrants: Map”:
* Death by Rescue: *Analysis & research on Fortress Europe’s murderous
* Family reunification drama for Europe:
* Visualization of the *shifting routes to Europe*:
* ‘The Orbanisation of EU asylum law’:
* Greece’s tale of 2 crisis:
* *Statistics provided by statewatch*:
* ‘The world is building fences. Here’s why we should worry’:
* *15 years of Fortress Europe* blog:


* Campaign to break deportation culture by The Voice:
* NoBorderCamp 2016 in Thessaloniki 15 – 24th of July:

*Structural Background (Laws, Counceling, Camps, ect.)*

* *Map of the camps in Greece*: & about *how many
people are in which camps*:
& a *supporters map*:
* *Conditions in the camps reports*:
* FYI: LGBTQ_I Information’s in Greece:
* Information’s on *Family Reunion & Relocation from Greece*:

* Information’s on *Asylum in Greece* (18 languages)
* Information’s on the *Skype procedure*:
* “Information’s on so called *voluntary returns*, committed by IOM’:
* (spanish) petetition against the Skype: