Balkanroute Networking Meeting at 16th and 17th of July (NoBorder 2016)

During the “long summer of migration” of 2015 and the successful struggles for freedom of movement from the aegean sea via the Balkan up to Scandinavia we contributed with our networks to the chain of solidarity and support along the whole route. Our main aim was to provide useful information for the refugees and migrants and to strengthen their autonomy and selforganisation. But we all could exspect already in autumn, that the EU-borderregime would strike back to (re)gain control of migration movement.
From the institutionalisation of the corridor to the step by step closure of the Balkan-borders by new militarised fences, from the Nato-operation in the aegean sea through the dirty deal with Turkey for the readmission program: on all levels we could follow the raise of new racist containment and determent policy.
Now, in summer 2016, we see desperate conditions of many refugees and migrants in Greece and further on. The arrivals at the greek islands decreased a lot, obviously people hesitate to take boats in a situation, when the further route is blocked and after readmission to Turkey was announced and practiced in several cases. The determent policy of the EU-borderregime seems to be effective in moment.
But we can also follow continuous social and political resistance in cities, camps and at the borders along the whole route. Thus we think, that the Nobordercamp in Thessaloniki will be a good time and opportunity to meet and to discuss, how to strengthen these ongoing daily struggles for freedom of movement.
In a two days working meeting with plenaries and many workshops we would like to organize several sessions to evaluate the developments of last months, to deepen our exchange and to foster ongoing and new transnational projects.
We invited activists from the whole route to make possible a wide participation from the Aegean to Scandinavia.
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