No borders toolkit

Necessary stuff

For the days of the No border camp there will be plenty of space for sleeping over in tents. We recommend having the following stuff for accommodation:

  1. A sleeping tent
  2. Sleeping bag and sleeping pad (the temperatures in Thessaloniki vary from 20oC to 30-34oC)
  3. Personal hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
  4. Sunscreen for the morning and anti-mosquito liquids for the night
  5. If you can, bring your own food dishes and knife/fork.
  6. Passport/ Visa/ Identity card

The camp is located in the center of Thessaloniki so whatever you may need, you will find it near you.

 Camp’s location

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From airport you can take the bus:

  1. bus number 78 and the bus stop is «ΧΑΝΘ» (pronounced hanth) or «ΔΗΜΑΡΧΕΙΟ» (pronounced dimarhio) (
  2. bus number 78N and the bus stop is «ΑΧΕΠΑ» (pronounced ahepa) (
    beware this is the night train from airport to Thessaloniki, from 23.30 until 05.30 in the morning

From the train station to the camp you could take the following buses:

  1. bus number 10 and the bus stop is «ΑΧΕΠΑ» (pronounced ahepa) (
  2. bus number 14 and the bus stop is «ΑΧΕΠΑ» (pronounced ahepa) (
  3. bus number 17 and the bus stop is «ΣΥΝΤΡΙΒΑΝΙ» (pronounced syntrivani) (