No Border Camp – Manifestation,Thessaloniki 21/07/2016








The 21th of July some thousands of people from all over the world with and without papers protested against borders and the procedure of deportation according to the EU-Turkey deal (March 2016) answering the call of No Border camp.

Besides the bigger demonstrations there DSC_0306were also decentral actions against the Suisse, Spanish and Philippine consulate as well as flag burnings and graffiti actions in the city. At the end of the day everybody returned singing in many languages and dancing to the No Border Camp.
The conditions in the relocation centers all over Greece are critical and in many cases inhuman. In Greece there are more than 57.000 refugees (official number) staying in over 40 camps. Half of them are around Thessaloniki. And the number is still increasing.

Many denounce the lack of legal and medical support and the insufficient sanitation. In many cases there isn’t even enough clothes and the food provided by the military is not good for children. The situation is so unbearable that some people would even prefer to return to Syria instead of staying in the relocation centers.
Besides the relocation centers there are many detention centers in Greece as well. These entirely closed and isolated camps were created 2012 in Greece as part of a system to systematically deport people with denied asylum applications.

DSC_0277There are about 6,000 – 7,000 people staying in these prison like camps for many months without any information about their legal status and not knowing what will happen to them or how long they will have to stay.



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