From France to Europe. Finally the Social Strike!

From France to Europe. Finally the Social Strike!
Call out for the Transnational Social Strike Meeting.
Paris, 21st-23rd October

… the Transnational Social Strike Platform invites workers, activists, unionists and European networks to meet again in Paris from the 21st to the 23rd of October to discuss how the social strike in France can pave the way to a transnational uprising of living labor against precarization. We need to consolidate a common space of convergence and organization where precarious, migrants and industrial workers can recognize themselves, where different conditions of precarity can meet and confront, where to build a common discourse and claims that can become a point of reference for millions of people who daily and increasingly refuse exploitation and precarity in Europe and beyond. To seize the transnational potential of the current mobilization we need to bring Europe to France, so that France can be brought to Europe and even farther, in a transnational day of actions and strikes where we can make a step forward for the organization of the uprising of living labor in Europe and beyond … read more…


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