Based on the above framework our objectives are listed below:

We aim to:

  1. Strengthen the already existing migrant groups, give them a central role as an organizing example for migrants who will be trapped within the greek or other state borders. Bring out the migrants’ demands for open borders, papers, asylum and rights and for the immediate abolition of detention and refoulement centers.
  2. Connect migrant struggles from Calais to Idomeni.
  3. Create new, steady, self-organized structures for support and solidarity to migrants and link together the already existing ones.
  4. In the last months many horizontal solidarity networks have been formed in various countries, cities and neighborhoods against the backdrop of an intentional absence of State care. We consider that spontaneous solidarity must take on concrete political characteristics so that it does not turn into charity or volunteerism as well as in order to stop further exploitation by NGOs and the state of the phenomenon of solidarity.
  5. Fortify the Balkan and European solidarity networks which were formed over the last months, especially under the framework of the evolving increase of the militarized management of migration.
  6. Respond to the emerging racist and nationalistic rhetoric.
  7. Bring together the struggles of local and migrant workers.
  8. In the spirit of “anyone who does not wish to speak about capitalism should rather remain silent about fascism too”, someone who speaks against Fortress Europe must oppose not only racism but also the system which cultivates, reproduces and uses it: he/she must fight capitalism through self-organized structures and horizontal networks: The so called “migration” issue has to be connected with other aspects of the world domination system: global warfare within the crisis, gender, class, disability, cultural discrimination etc. For this reason we believe that the No Border Camp must include –apart from the mobilizations, the meetings and the creation of structures– the organization of a self-organized anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal and anti-racist gathering with a focus on migration.